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Dash rush is a challenging survival game where you can control your player while dodging all the obstacles and traps. As you dodge your way through incoming obstacles and moving Quick obstacles. The higher the Challenge number, the more likely the obstacles are going to make it harder for you to survive.

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Dash rush is a mix of Geometry dash and pac man. With Dash Rush we combined 14 different challenges that you have to beat.
Play Dash rush and prepare yourself with challenging levels. This Geometry dash type game is filled with fun and emerging obstacles that follows, you will have to pass by the moving obstacles to beat the challenges. The only way to win is to survive! Challenge yourself and see how long you can keep up your pace to survive.

Dash Rush Features:

  • Quick and Fun survival Game play
  • Offline Game. So, play anywhere without the need of internet.

Dash Rush Features:

  • Unlimited Challenges to survive
  • Play for hours without getting bored with Dash Rush survival game.

Dash Rush Features:

  • addictive with challenging
  • Simple and Geometry based graphics with quick challenging game mechanics.