Spaceship Defenders – Space invaders Spaceship Game


With Spaceship Defender, you will have to protect your ship against space defenders, The more of the space invaders you destroy from the space invaders spaceteam the more points you will get to move on to the next level. You have the ability to use shield and missiles to protect your ship against the space shooters.

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If you enjoy space ships games and spaceship shooter games then you will defenitly be able to beat Space Defender. Prevent all Space attacks – against the space invaders spaceteam air force space team With this space shooter free game. This space shooter game is different from the old retro space shooter. Your goal is to control your spaceship and destroy all space invaders spaceteam battleships as fast as possible. Be careful with spaced invaders to avoid space invaders spaceteam attacks and pick up powerful items after the space invaders spaceteam is destroyed. Each level with have a boss you will have to defeat to continue.

Spaceship Defenders Features:

  • Unlimited game play
  • Beautiful Graphics
  • 8 different weapons.

Spaceship Defenders Features:

  • Free to win game, No need to pay to win
  • Free to play
  • Shield for tactical Defense.
  • 8+ different Languages.

Spaceship Defenders Features:

  • Very addictive game
  • Play on ipad or iphone
  • Multiple extreme boss battles.
  • Upgrade your shields, guns, missiles, lasers, mega-bombs and magnets.