About Listpull

ListPull, founded in 2019 By Jay Monga ListPull focuses on wildlife conservation and user engagement through digital media. Listpull revolutionizes the way we see wildlife and nature by focusing on wildlife education and awareness. By leveraging technology to reach a global audiences, ListPull builds a knowledgeable and motivated community of conservation advocates. Through its educational programs and awareness campaigns, ListPull is contributing to the broader efforts to protect wildlife and natural habitats for future generations. As the platform continues to grow and evolve, its impact on wildlife and nature conservation is expected to become even more significant.  


  • ListPull aims to foster a love for nature, enhance conservation awareness, and deepen the bond between humans and the environment through cutting-edge digital media.
  • ListPull utilizes various digital formats like videos, quizzes, virtual tours, and interactive games to educate users about different species, their habitats, and environmental challenges in an engaging way.
  • ListPull platform's online presence and accessibility allow individuals worldwide to learn about wildlife and nature, spreading awareness on a global scale.

Impact on Conservation

  • By providing educational content, ListPull empowers individuals with knowledge, inspiring them to contribute to conservation efforts through donations, volunteer work, or advocacy.
  • ListPull's digital approach aligns with contemporary media consumption trends, making ListPull effective in reaching a younger, tech-savvy audience and the next generation of environmental stewards.